Twelve Months:
The First Equinox One

So the third one. Or, technically, the first one if you go by the original Roman calendar. March retains a sense of primacy due to the March equinox, also known as the Northward or vernal equinox or, more pointedly, the autumnal equinox – incongruous for those of us north of the Equator but perfectly orthodox for those down south.

Its southerly moniker alludes to its significance as the mark of transition from summer to autumn, which up here is transposed as the shift from winter to spring. The change is mirrored during the second equinox in September.

As above, not so below.

The point is, the clocks have gone forward and it’s finally getting warmer, which is nice. It also means that we’re all keen to get outside.


Dave went a-photographing around the estates: this time he took a trip to the Alexandra & Ainsworth Estate near Camden, building upon his thoughts on social housing in the process.


Elsewhere on the blog, we got to know Jason French from Baroque Jewellery in the latest edition of our series, What’s Your Story?

And, on the subject of spending more time in the out-and-about, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be working with the lovely people at East Beach Café, a striking restaurant and venue located right on the beach in West Sussex.

Around the industry:

Being poorer makes people less likely to spend money on crap they don’t really need because they’re spending all their money on frivolities such as housing, food and clothing.

Trouble for algorithm utopians as some brands enacted a boycott of advertising on YouTube due to adverts for otherwise morally upstanding and uncontroversial brands like Wal-Mart and Starbucks being placed on racist or otherwise repugnant videos.