Twelve Months:
The One with Bunnies

Bunnies. Eggs. New life. April is the month where everything starts again, most notably diets after everyone’s conducted the usual chocolate binge to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection/a Luthren hare/pseudo-Paganism (delete as appropriate).

New life came in the form of new partnership with the lovely folks at Human Workspace. We first worked with Mark and the team last year and we’re delighted to be working with them on an on-going basis.

The April edition of What’s Your Story? featured Family Store, a gem of a retail outlet selling clothes, pins, patches, records and more in Brighton’s Kensington Gardens. A big thanks to Andrew at Family Store and everyone we’ve worked with so far. We’re already excited to share May’s edition next week.


Around the industry:

The YouTube advertising boycott has been roughly as impactful as a fossil-hammer on Everest because the news cycle is about 30 seconds long and advertisers don’t really care if it means eyeballs on ads.

The PM decided to throw out an ad hoc General Election and the Conservative Party are playing the age old marketing game of recycling popular ads and campaign slogans from their past to stir the nostalgia of the electorate, which should resonate well with certain voter groups whose worldview appears permanently stuck in the past.




Tax bombshell 2