Helping charities like Extratime is our golden goal

We don’t do bungee jumps, we don’t swim the channel and we don’t tip buckets of ice-cold water over our heads on Facebook. We’re not very good at running either, so you won’t see us in any marathons.

Instead, when it comes to charity work, what we offer is what we do best: marketing strategy and promotional opportunities.

We believe our time is far better spent using our expertise to help local causes that we believe in by helping them with their marketing strategies and paying for advertising rather than dangling on the end of a rope over the Himalayas (not to belittle that of course, we just don’t have the collective heads for heights.)

Sure that might be a little more boring, but we think it’s just as effective.

Recently, we have helped a wonderful local charity called Extratime. These guys are really inspiring.

Extratime is the brain-child of two women, Becky Jenner and Marian Tipler, both with children with profound special needs and both, before they set up the charity, frustrated at the lack of out of school care for their own children.

Becky and Marian spent two years planning and working voluntarily to develop an inclusive after school club for special needs and mainstream children aged 5-16 years old, from which Extratime was born.

Extratime provides an essential service for families with severely disabled children and all staff and volunteers have vast experience in working with children with disabilities. Having seen the service in action, we are proud and honoured to work with such an amazing charity with equally inspiring workers.

Our work with Extratime has focused on working closely with CEO Sam Price and founder, Marian, to help them with their marketing strategy, tactics and positioning using our Blend methodology. We undertook a discovery phase where we worked closely with Sam and Marian to identify the challenges as well as the opportunities for the charity and then entered into a strategy session after which we produced a marketing plan with activation calendar.

“Extratime is unique in that it provides inclusive clubs and schemes or out of school activities for children and young people with learning disabilities and medical needs,” says Sam.

“We have many challenges in our day-to-day existence, but we are very focused on the work that we do and the outcomes we achieve which is to ensure that as many children & young people as possible have access to services that meet their needs and broaden their horizons.”

Pleece & Co’s work with Extratime is ongoing. The marketing strategy, plan and tactics have been written and formulated, now comes the challenge of pushing the work out with budgets very limited. We are currently exploring a variety of ways to achieve this, including more donated hours from our team as well as a mix of grants and working with local students under our wing.

The main brief for the marketing work was to help Extratime to become better known (and supported) across B&H and the surrounding areas. They want to build on the strong reputation with their stakeholders (parent carers, schools, local authorities and other community and voluntary organisations) by involving service users more in development and delivery of their services. They also want to reach out to the wider community so that Extratime becomes a ‘go-to’ charity when people think of a fantastic local children’s charity.

To help raise awareness of the charity, our owner Gary, who is also youth chair of local grass roots football club, Montpelier Villa FC paid for Extratime to go onto the front of the under 14s new Adidas kits.

Sam Price and Gary Pleece show off the new Montpelier Villa shirts

Gary first heard of Extratime’s services through one of the parents of the under 14s whose daughter, Rosie, uses the charity’s services. Karen, Rosie’s mother, couldn’t speak highly enough of Extratime’s work so, inline with Pleece & Co and Montpelier Villa’s sponsorship strategy (we have previously sponsored Gig Buddies) of paying for and putting an inspiring charity on the team’s shirts, a new partnership and relationship was founded.

“We’re hoping that our work with Extratime goes into Extratime (in the football sense) and beyond.” said Gary. “They are an inspiring organisation and we’re really proud to be working with them. We want to help them achieve their goals (football, football!) and we’ll be there for them every step of the way should they need us.”

For more information about Extratime or to make a donation visit here or contact Sam Price at