Curate Labs
Headspaces Interview October 2018

Pleece & Co has found a home in Mocatta House – part of Spaces Brighton. We now share a building with a number of creative and diverse companies, and we thought it was time to get to know them a little better.

Headspaces is a collaboration blog series between Pleece & Co and Spaces in which we talk to our neighbours about their businesses, work advice and what puts them in a good headspace. 

This months conversation is with Curate Labs, an independent, sustainable creative design studio based here in Brighton and in London.






Predominantly we are a design studio with a focus on ethical and sustainable design. Through our work we look to advocate empathy, purpose and practicality. We offer end-to-end solutions often incorporating branding, creative content, design strategy and web design. We deliver both digital and physical products and functionality dependant on project objectives.

Alongside the studio, we run two publications – Curate Magazine and The Annual Digest and a series of ethical & sustainably centred travel guides named Wandering Through.






Abb-d Choudhury and Sara Scobie are design partners and founders of CL. As a duo we both oversee the day to day running of the business and all stages throughout each project. Over the years we have grown a talented remote team of incredible and innovative freelancers, contractors and contributors whom we work with on a project-by-project basis.






We spent a good few months looking for a space to grow from and use as a base of operation. Of all we tried, SPACES seemed to be the most accommodating. Being close to Brighton station is also useful due to London connections. We’re also suckers for simple Scandinavian interior design, good coffee helps too!





At the moment, time and resource is a real challenge. Being only two of us means internal resource can become stretched. For client work this isn’t a problem, but making time for our publications and the travel guides is the tricky part.

Our personal projects create an opportunity to always be on the hunt for trends, culture hacks and interesting destinations around the globe. These insights and lessons are invaluable for our design services, we challenge our clients to consider their process’s and approach to work, as we should all be working towards our A game and sometimes that means assessing practice, communication and process.





As a company, we are constantly experimenting and pushing the creative threshold to provide something beyond the norm, we look to position our clients as industry leaders. What makes us special is our values and ethics towards work that matters (at least to us). We’re selective with the projects we take on and the clients we partner with. We look to work with companies that strive for authenticity, push to create an ethical culture and wish to refine a sustainable business model.





Abb-d: Surround yourself with people better then you and always do your own thing.

Sara: Concentrate on what you believe in, trends pass, your approach is what sets you apart and makes you interesting.






Abb-d: Travel, sunshine, the positive parts of human nature and publishing great content.

Sara: Soulful conversations, 8 hours of sleep, regular yoga practice and plenty of herbal teas.


Buzz Free
Pleece & Co October 2018

Burger Brothers vs Brexit

With the impending apocalypse that is Brexit looming closer by each passing darkening hour, we thought we’d ignore the incompetence of the politicians to lead us and eat burgers instead. Tastes nicer than cake for a start.

If you’ve not visited Burger Brothers in Brighton, then you’re missing out. These guys know their onions (on their burgers.) They’re a great brand too, effortlessly oozing as much cool as the cheese from one of their scooby snack sized burgers.

Anyway, we went down to visit them, sample their wares and took shots of them and their modest operation. Get down and try them if you haven’t already; your mouth will sing, belly will wobble and your toilet will be full, just the sort of experience you should be looking for when eating a burger.


Next up on the menu…

Always leave room for more is out motto and that’s just as well as we work with a street’s worth of eateries and restaurants. Next stop was Cin Cin, the ‘flavour of the month, nay year, nay decade’ in Brighton.



We’ve been with owner Dave and Cin Cin for years now, helping them on their road to the recent michelin mention from festival and pop up to the launch and opening of their second restaurant in Hove earlier this year.




Gary recently visited Cin Cin Vine Street and held a ‘Brand Values’ session with The Cin Cin team, where the heat was on (literally as he delivered the session right next to the open kitchen stove) and passion abounded as the fabulous staff talked about what Cin Cin means to them, what it should mean to their valued customers and what their positioning should be from right across the business.




Show us your ID

We’ve produced several new identities recently. We’re not sure why they have come in at such a rate, but we’re not complaining. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about creating something from scratch that will represent what a company looks like and stands for.

Here’s the work we’ve been doing, which one’s your fave?

Montpelier Villa FC – grassroots football identity

Glowing Bumps – pregnancy fitness start up

Beyond – care leavers charity start up

London Survivors Gateway – sexual violence triage model




Last but most definitely not least, is our new (anti) networking event, What’s Your Problem? which is basically a few business owners getting together informally, either in the Spaces bar on the roof terrace or in a spit and sawdust boozer, to discuss business matters, throw anything in the ring, and to massage each others shoulders, egos and weary heads as well as scratching each others’ backs and helping to share each others’ loads. You never know, we could even end up working together, but this isn’t about that. It’s about a few like-minded people sharing ideas and experiences. And possibly getting pissed and building more genuine, better relationships.

If you like the sound of that, ring my bell and bring a bottle.