“Are they or aren’t they?”
What we’ve been up to lately…

Pleece & Co March 2019

Hi, how you doing? Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve been in touch. How are things? What have you done with your hair? We like it. It suits you.

What have we been up to? Thanks for asking. Well, where do we start?


How about Presuming Ed’s? No, not the guy in the Withnail film, although that’s where the name comes from of course. ‘Ed’s’ is an old skool Brighton coffee/VR/EscapeRoom/venue/ale/nut house on the London Road. It’s ugly beautiful. We love it. Revolutions are supposed to start here. We started working with them late 2018 and we’ve recently set up a couple of events there which went rather well.

One was with Whitehawk FCs ‘Hawks Ultras’, a friendly, vociferous bunch of football fans that push back on the stereotype and celebrate diversity. They’re making Whitehawk the coolest club in England right now with their positive message and anti-racism/homophobia/sexism stance. Premier League, take note. Here’s the vid we took at the event, take a butcher’s here.



 The other event was with Tropical Sushi and Pure Gym. Tropical sell their protein packed poke bowls at Ed’s and we wanted to push a healthy eating agenda out for Jan, so we set up a flashdance/mob, pushed back the chairs and tables and had an 80s style, ONJ workout in Ed’s with the lovely peeps from Pure Gym across the road. Twenty minutes in, sweat on, poke bowls all round afterwards. Rich, Ed’s owner, even managed to play some awful 80s power workout tunes that probably featured in Tom Cruise pics of the time.



 Next we helped launch VYD, Pleece & Co owner Gary’s social enterprise side venture. It fuses creative projects with football and helps to change lives for people in disadvantaged areas (it says here). Rumour has it the name, an acronym, was chosen as Gary hates them so much but just like the combination of these letters together. This is from a branding ‘expert’. Go figure.

A noble venture indeed, though, and one that we fully support. We created the identity and website for the company which you can see here https://vydcic.org



We also launched the brand and website for the London Survivors Gateway. This is a new organisation that has brought a range of partners on board to provide a new London wide service for survivors of sexual abuse (pan gender).

We won a competitive tender in partnership with our friends, web partners and all round wonderful people at Surface Impression. We worked on the naming piece, brand identity and website design. We also held a workshop in London with key partners to thrash out the key benefits, messages, elevator pitch and strap line for the new org before taking this discovery forward into the design process (sorry, slipping into buzz word speak…)

You can review the results here http://survivorsgateway.london/. Such a great initiative to be involved in.



Lastly, we meet up with local creative director for hire and bloody nice bloke (as Tim nice but dim might say), Jake McGowan, ex-Livity creative director and now owner of boutique agency, Playing Field.



Jake shared his thoughts on where the best work was coming from in the agency world at the moment, as well as the work his award winning Cannes Lions video and how pub dads can’t take their beer (this bit was off camera.)

Is that ok as an update for now? Apologies, we won’t leave it so long next time. Forgive us. We’ll be in touch. Promise.