What’s Your Story? Giant

Yeah yeah, we know, it’s been a while and you’ve missed it. You haven’t? What’s your problem?

If you have no idea what we’re going on about, we’re humbled, proud, feeling blessed and any other banal self-congratulatory, Linkedin-esque tripe we can think of to bring you the return of What’s Your Story? featuring P & C’s favourite Brighton vintage clothes shop, Giant, based in Brighton’s Open Market.

We had a straight-to-the-point and refreshing chat with co-owner and all round lovely chap, Simon Bridger.

Q. Hi Simon, tell us a bit about yourself?

A. 52 years old, Brighton born & bred, been in the retail game for 13 years.

Q. So you’ve been a Mod, casual and new romantic (research done before interview) Tell us a bit about your past…

A. Grew up in a rich musical & vibrant clothing time where things moved very fast.

Went from mod to new romantic to casual effortlessly, things were very quickly changeable and wearing the right clobber was very competitive.

You could go away on a two week holiday abroad and when you came back all your clothes were out of fashion, that’s how quickly it moved.

Q. How did you get into retail?

A. I’d just finished working on a contract at AmEx, i was in my mate’s shop and he was struggling a bit, he asked me if i fancied giving the clothing game a go, I rented a rail off him & never looked back.

Q. Tell us more about Giant?

A. I wanted to start a shop up that was inspired by some of the London shops of the eighties that were American clothing influenced, it just felt like the right time instinctively to do it.

Q. You don’t do e-commerce – why?

A. No major reason, I post up items on Facebook & Instagram but that’s about as far as I go, I guess I’m still in love with the old fashion notion of just going into a shop and being inspired to buy something in real time.

Q. Future plans for Giant?

A. Just to grow organically; I like businesses that grow slowly and don’t put too much pressure on themselves.

We’ll always have the core of what the shop is all about i.e American vintage clothing but other ideas will spring up around that.

I never want to rest on my laurels & you always have to be moving forwards – if not you’re moving backwards!

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