Moore and Pleece – the Story Continues 

Steve Moore and his dog

Steve Moore and his dog (not Gary)

The Pleece & Co story has an exciting new chapter. It’s a fresh voice for customer narratives and will create opportunities for new conversations. But how? Gary has some ideas…

We’re pleased to welcome Steve Moore to the P&C family. I’ve worked with Steve, on and off, for more than a decade now but this is the first time he’s been integrated and undergone the painful and probably illegal P & C Induction Ceremony. (Drinking craft beer, basically.)

Steve who? 

Steve Moore is a freelance copywriter and content guy. Not only is he good with words, and great at the snappy strapline thing, but Steve knows what content fits where in the customer sales cycle, and switches tone of voice quicker than I can say ‘What? How much?’ A handy guy to have around. 

So why’s he here? 

Customer projects and strategies don’t write themselves, guys, and to supply the highest level of service that we’re known for [insert made-up customer quote here] I got in touch with Steve. I thought he could bring a fresh perspective to major customer briefs and narratives and be the Peter Taylor to my Cloughie. I wasn’t wrong. 

What’s going to change?

Well, as little as you want, or as much as you need. Steve is busy creating customer blogs, emails, and SEO-inspired web pages. He’s created ToV guidelines for one major client and is helping define the voice of some new additions to the P & C stable. If you’re looking to target new customers or markets, or think you have been left behind by rival voices, then we can help.

What’s he doing now? 

He’s busy creating new case studies for P&C and will help me take my footy non-profit, VYD,  to the market, as well as working closely with me on customer content strategies. He’s going to give P&C a fresh tone in everything we write and could do the same for you. Just let me know….