Kick(start) Out The Jams!

That title’s a loose MC5 reference if you didn’t know… great band and we always wanted to weave them into something somewhere, so there you go. If you don’t know the tune, go here to listen (after you’ve read the following blog of course). It’ll wake you up and shake you up.

Anyway, onto our latest blog – in his own words – from Pleece & Co’s new Kickstart employee (you see what we did now?), Jacob Dillistone. Take it away, Jacob!

“Cutting contact with my dad, a week after my 17th Birthday, was the first of many challenging decisions which have shaped me into who I am today.

For years, I had a difficult relationship with my father. As a person, he was confident, funny, ambitious – traits that I have learned a lot from. Unfortunately, he lacked many of the traits that mean a lot to me, most importantly, honesty. This change in my life affected me a lot at the time, more so than I knew, but despite the ups and downs that preceded that decision seven years ago, I was determined to succeed by passing my A Levels. I soon became the first person in my family to go to university and move out of my hometown, Brighton.

 Holding down a Mocha in Brighton’s finest, Baker St Coffee

Gaining a place at the University of the West of England (UWE) to study International Business meant that I moved to Bristol. This was a new and exciting chapter of my life as a young adult, although looking back I was still just a child (and probably still am to many!). My first year at university was great, I made new friends and found myself in a relationship with my best friend at the time. However, as the work became more intense, and I had to focus harder on my studies I discovered I had very little interest in many of my business modules. Apparently, starting my Monday mornings by studying business management theories is not how I wanted to start my week. Who would have thought? Thankfully, I really enjoyed studying both my Economics and Marketing modules where they both got me through my second year and onto my study year abroad programme in the beautiful city of Haarlem, Netherlands.









Pretending to work for photographic purposes

My dream for quite some time was to work abroad and travel with my job. It was a major reason for studying International Business in the first place. However, moving away from everyone you know and love was unsurprisingly very challenging. Then when you add a global pandemic into the mix that prevented me from seeing my family, girlfriend, and friends for 4 months you could imagine that it was a hard time to get through. Luckily, there were many others in the same boat as me on my year abroad and it brought us together because of it. Now, I have friends for life that live all over the world and I have become a better person because of it.

Once I returned to England, I was lucky enough to see my best friend get married (for which I was his best man!) just before the UK began the second lockdown. During this period, I decided to take up chess (yes, I did watch The Queen’s Gambit) and I’ve been teaching myself ever since. I also promised myself that once lockdown was over, I would get back into football and rejoin a Sunday league team (of which I am now an irreplaceable member of Hove FC). Finally, not only did I become the first person in my family to go to university, I also became the first person in my family to obtain a degree. I can now proudly say that I have an upper second-class honours (2.1) degree in International Business!















Hanging out at Crew Club – Jacob’s helping with the new website for this brilliant grassroots organisation.

That moment when I decided to end my relationship with my father, it was a huge influence on my strive for self-improvement and I haven’t stopped since. From that moment, I have experienced a lot and really developed myself as a person and I am hoping that now with the job opportunity at Pleece and Co as a marketing executive, alongside volunteering for VYD that I can continue to learn, develop and grow from my experiences over the past seven years.

Thanks for reading, Jacob.”