Marketing Methodology
by Pleece & Co

Blend is our proven marketing methodology. It is a three-stage process that has been designed by us to help your business grow. Before we start though, we need to let you know a few things…

Firstly, don’t do this.

Hire a marketing agency for an off-the-peg marketing strategy. You’ll get the same plan as your competitors. They’ll give you the PowerPoint presentation, fire off an [insert company name here] type marketing plan, drop an invoice and head off to the next client.

Do this instead.

Work with a company who ‘get it’. We’ve undertaken some serious work and analysis to create a proven process that fuses business mechanics with a creative culture. This is where your company meets ours in a context that helps us understand your current situation and where you want to go.

Where what you do meets what we know.

This we call blending. The word ‘partner’ is used too often, so we don’t use it. But it’s difficult to find a better way of expressing a hand-in-hand, working relationship like this. That’s why we like blending.
It’s what happens when you realise that you don’t
have to do it on your own. When you combine your drive with our direction. Where Pleece & Co and your
company overlap.

Build good foundations.

We can create and deliver a great marketing plan –
but until we get to know you, it won’t be your marketing plan. We can’t help you achieve the magical ‘it’ until we know what ‘it’ is. Achievable business objectives are built on strategic marketing foundations. But too few organisations see the value in investing in a long-term, creative and strategic marketing plan. So their future tends to be measured in the short term.


in three stages:


We do this online – you give us your strategic plan (if you have one), your analytics log ins and some other basic information, so we can do our research and prepare for Blend 2.0. Some sample questions: What is your vision of success? Current dissatisfactions?
What is your previous experience of marketing? What competitors make you gnash your teeth and why?

Blend 2.0

We do this in a few hours either at your offices or at our place and reveal our findings from Blend 1.0, pinpointing your positioning through SWOT, elevator pitch, tone of voice, key messages and direction of (business and marketing) travel over the next year. It’s challenging, but fun and it provides the foundations a lasting plan needs in order to work.


We’ll capture everything you agreed to do and create a tangible way forward. This is no aide memoire, it’s a detailed roadmap. It’s your thoughts, plans and ambitions recorded and fed back as actionable steps.

Whether you want the full-on strategy, deliverables, marketing communications, rebrand, social media, video production, etc., or just a step-by-step guide to doing things better by yourselves, then this is where the magic happens. As we move forward, work together and get to know your business better, we’ll adapt and fine-tune the strategy to ensure you maximise every opportunity.

We’ll meet you regularly to run through things, either face-to-face or remotely. But you won’t get piles of spreadsheets and Ppt. decks; you’ll just receive good, sound advice, quarterly reporting and full, actionable analysis.

It’s all there. Just email Gary here to arrange your initial planning session.