Newbery Cricket

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Newbery Cricket is an historic brand with a rich heritage, producing handmade English cricket bats in Sussex for nearly a century. Newbery had grown and developed its place in the market based on the quality of its product, so brand was often a secondary concern and the same logos and stickers appeared on bats year after year.

The Brief

To appeal to new fans and re-energise their existing demographic, Newbery needed to embrace the modern game. Our initial brief was to bring the brand up to date to take advantage of the 21st century marketplace, starting with a new look and messaging.


We got the ball spinning with an extensive research phase during which we studied the brand and the marketplace and presented our recommendations. It was clear that the project would require a long-term strategy and commitment to a gradual evolution of the Newbery brand, creatively and technologically.

The brand refresh required a delicate balancing act: the new look and messaging needed to convey Newbery’s heritage and maintain its boutique position, while also tearing strips off the loud and proud look of its competitors. With the new look and messaging in place, we knew it was imperative for Newbery to push forward and develop their online presence, and after a few sessions with us, they were convinced.

We set about spreading the word: designing and building a new ecommerce website with accompanying multi-channel content marketing strategy; boldly taking Newbery in search of new generations of cricket fans on social media and keeping them engaged with a stream of great content and an integrated email strategy.

We put the gloss on our work with a full redesign of their bat and kit ranges. We gave each range a distinct look, using detailed patterns and combinations of contrasting colours to ensure the clear visibility of the common brand elements and communicate the ethos of each range in turn, enabling Newbery’s customers to see the difference between each range as never before.


Newbery went from zero to hundreds of thousands of pounds in online sales and connected with thousands of new fans across digital channels. Our bat redesigns gave Newbery a striking look for their 2016 line-up that pleased brand disciples and brought new admirers. Feedback was universally positive when the new look was unveiled at the annual industry trade show at Lord’s, the Home of Cricket. A combination of the re-designed logo, better e-commerce and more effective social media marketing resulted in a further 90% lift in online sales of Newbery bats during 2016 and left the brand with a strong look for their 2017 range.


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