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Crackit! Is a project created by Pleece & Co and FutureProof CIC that fuses design and sport to make both more accessible to young people. By doing so it helps to overcome the barriers that exist to playing sport, enabling more people to access the benefits that participation can realise. The fusion comes when the design component is added – highlighting the design and creative industries as a potential source of study, training or employment.


Crackit! is a six week programme that each week provides an hour of sport coaching followed by an hour of design to secondary school students across the country. The coaching is delivered by a qualified coach from a local professional club, while the classroom element is led by the school, overseen by the Pleece & Co studio.

Inclusivity is a pre-requisite for Crackit! and the criteria for inclusion covers; a gender mix, educational, behavourial or circumstantial needs (including SEN, EAL or Pupil Premium), students with low confidence or social skills, those who could benefit from additional motivation into PE, those with good design skills, those who could benefit from activities to enhance life skills, and any student expressing a desire to be involved.


Over the six weeks of Crackit! students get a taste of their chosen sport by playing an inclusive version of the game suited to their abilities. Back in the classroom students experience the ‘design process’ while they work in teams to create a character from scratch based around a cricketing term.

The programme culminates with every player receiving sports kit and a t-shirt featuring their design and character. They get to keep these to encourage them to continue playing sport at school, at home or in the community, enforcing the project’s strap-line; Create It, Own It, Play It.


The impact of Crackit! Is measured using the skills of our partners, FutureProof CIC. The students and teachers are surveyed before and after the project so the full impact of the project can be understood. Measurement looks at issues such as behaviour improvement in other lessons or if they are now more socially active, as well as the information providing invaluable direction to the future delivery of the Crackit! sessions.

The numbers speak for themselves. See below and read the impact report here to get a full picture about how Crackit! Is encouraging a new generation of young people to get into and stay into sport and design.

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