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Graphic design, project management.

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Westminster Kingsway College is vibrant, thriving institution packed with knowledge-seekers of all ages and backgrounds, incorporating more than 60 nationalities, speaking 54 different languages. Westminster has a fantastic website that reflects its appeal perfectly; bold colours enhance the aesthetic appeal while allowing space for it to be informative and – crucially – easy to understand.



The College wanted to bring the rest of their design offering up to the standard of their website, starting with their prospectus. They needed a design identity that was accessible, interesting and informative to a student body and the prospectus is the one publication any college needs to get right. Even in a digital age, it’s often the first thing that an eager prospective student might clap their eyes on, so it’s imperative that it connects.



We brought a new perspective to the prospectus, engaging Kingsway’s global audience with crisp, appealing design that helped convert casual enquirers into fee-paying freshmen. We backed up the redesigned prospectus with a complete design package, from course leaflets to online adverts and everything in between.

Continuing the journey, we got to know the staff and worked with them to redesign the signage around the College to improve the experience of staff and students alike, with easy-to-comprehend accessible design, with tailored imagery and colour ways. From there, we took the message outside the College; creating outdoor ads for use in London Victoria station and elsewhere around the city.


By taking the time to fully engage with the place and the people, we ensured a fantastic working relationship with the College for subsequent design projects. We reflect their inclusive ethos in our designs, bringing their commitment to widening participation and lifelong learning to the fore and helping the College reach its potential.

Westminster Kingsway College

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